Remember when President Joe Biden lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2 just a few weeks ago? Here’s a reminder from Dana Loesch:

And here’s a second reminder from Glenn Greenwald on how the media would have spun that move if the bad orange man were still in office:

Anyway, Dems did everything they could to protect the vital pipeline from Russia to our NATO ally, Germany (funny how it’s our NATO ally that’s been funding Russia all these years, right?):

Anyway, now that an invasion of Ukraine is underway, German finally pulled the plug on Nord Stream 2:

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says “the situation has fundamentally changed,” but it really hasn’t changed one bit:

Well, this “unexpected clarity” is what happens when you let Donald Trump get branded as anti-NATO when it’s NATO countries funding Russia while at the same time hoping to contain Russia:

You know, maybe getting rid of nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster wasn’t such a great idea after all:

Where does former President Trump go to get his apology?

But, instead of admitting Trump had it right, they’re saying he’s still at fault:

What a joke this has all become:


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