Cops in Canada were caught on camera arresting Gerry Charlebois, a 4’10” 78-year-old great-grandfather after he honked his horn and gave a thumbs up to truckers at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa:

Not a great look, Canada:

According to the Toronto Sun, he was trying to get his ID from the back of his minivan at the time of the arrest:

After attempting to get his identification from his wallet in the back of his minivan, Charlebois was taken down with the twisting of his arm and hand, and landed on one knee on the ground before being pressed against his van and then, with the help of a second officer, handcuffed behind his back.

Charlebois was cited for “unnecessary noise” and released with a fine:

And he told the Toronto Sun, I meant no harm,” and “I just gave the trucker a thumbs up and a honk”:


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