U.S. defense officials have changed their tune and are now saying it was just a single bomb and not a “complex” attack that killed 13 Marines during the chaotic evacuation at Kabul International Airport last year:

And this is why journos need to question everything team Biden is saying about the attack on an ISIS leader this week that resulted in a number of civilian casualties:

We get that things are confusing right after an incident, but that’s not what defense officials said at the time:

“U.S. officials initially thought they were looking at a complex attack, with one or two explosions followed by gunmen opening fire. Not the case, U.S. officials say”:

The briefing provided a detailed breakdown of the location of the killed and wounded:

According to this WaPo reporter, “officials are speaking with candor in this briefing”:

In August? Not so much:

And there were some new details in the briefing:

But there’s still a ways to go on full transparency:

Full report here:



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