Lawyers for retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman announced this morning that they’ve “filed a federal lawsuit in the District of Columbia naming Donald Trump, Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, Julia Hahn, and Dan Scavino, Jr., for their roles in a concerted campaign of witness intimidation and retaliation against him after he was subpoenaed by Congress to testify during former President Trump’s first impeachment”:

He’s also named Lauran Ingraham and Fox News in the suit as well:

Details here:

They’re arguing “[a]ctions taken by Defendants, sent a message to other potential witnesses as well: cooperate and tell the truth at your own peril. The message reverberates to this day, as witnesses subpoenaed by Congress in connection with its investigation into the events of January 6”:

And the suit claims their comments destroyed Vindman’s “ability to serve in any national security position or foreign affairs role, and indeed, to continue the career he had pursued for his entire adult life”:



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