Photojournalist John Schreiber for CBS 2 tweeted these must-see videos detailing how large a problem package theft from trains has become along this stretch of the railway near Los Angeles.

“There’s looted packages as far as the eye can see,” he observed. “Amazon packages, @UPS boxes, unused Covid tests, fishing lures, epi pens. Cargo containers left busted open on trains”:

According to Schreiber, thieves target UPS in search of “merchandise bound for residential addresses”:

Schreiber tracked one package and was informed the delivery was “on the way” but with a “delay” warning:

This particular area is a choke point for the railway, making the trains an easy target:

Oh, and all the garbage on the ground is only from the past 30 days:

Now, the Union Pacific Police are doing all they can to stop the thefts. . .

. . .but a little help from the DA would be nice:

Oh, please. Does anyone believe this spin?