Just to follow up on this post from last night on Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s thread explaining why Ray Epps wasn’t charged with a crime. . .

. . .here’s Rep. Thomas Massie’s response, pointing out that this now means the January 6 Committee “thinks it’s fine to encourage, organize, and direct people to go into the Capitol”:

The photo gets cutoff in our system, so here are the tweets Massie highlighted:

And Mollie Hemingway also pointed out this makes zero sense.

“But dude saying “I probably shouldn’t say this because I’ll probably get arrested” when telling same protesters to invade capitol, gets you thanked? Weird”:

Epps literally spoke to the crowd. We saw it on video:

Well, no, this isn’t what we’re arguing for at all:

But we would like to know why it took the committee so long to clear things up and instead chose to just let this fester:


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