New York City Mayor Eric Adams refused to bow to pressure and close schools over Covid, reminding everyone it is “crucial to keep buildings open (despite the snow and surging virus) for students with working parents or w/ few other options for meals”:

We’re really getting to like this guy:

But libs are really concerned about the number of infections. From TPM’s Josh Marshall:

And he wants schools to close in response to the rising cases:

NBC’s Benjy Sarlin added, “here’s two conversations going on over whether the last 2 years of school policy made sense and what to do about the next 2 weeks with 1m+ cases daily and they really are being mixed too freely”:

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is also on board and wants to close school for two weeks:

Just two weeks? Where have we heard that one before. . .

Why should any parent trust the “brief closure” BS?

And the wealthy white liberals don’t seem to understand that there’s a 3rd conversation going on with parents who absolutely need the schools open no matter what. That’s the conversation the mayor is listening to:



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