President Emmanuel Macron of France is under fire over remarks he made in a recent interview where he, according to the translation published by most English-speaking media sites, said, “I really want to piss off the unvaccinated”:

Except what he *really* said is much worse.

The word Macron used in the interview — “Emmerder” — “literally means ‘to s*it on'”:

Accuracy matters, journos!

There’s now a debate over which translation is acceptable:

And we’re seeing a compromise version of “crap” now popping up:

Anyway, however you define what he said, the French parliament is pissed and just s*it on Macron’s plans for more vaccine mandates:

From Reuters:

“A president cannot say such things,” lawmaker Christian Jacob, who chairs the opposition, conservative Les Republicans party, told parliament. “I’m in favour of the vaccine pass but I cannot back a text whose objective is to ‘piss off’ the French.”

“Is that your objective, yes or no? We cannot keep debating without having a clear answer on that.”




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