Oh, boy.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza is getting dragged right now for this thread that’s certainly Self-Awareness Hall of Fame material.

Here’s the opener:

We’ll warn you upfront this long thread does not read the way Cillizza wants it to read:

You see, he’s revealing that many in his circle of friends are now admitting they contracted Covid previously but were too ashamed to tell people about it:

When it was the South, crickets. But now? Now it’s different:

Yes. “Fascinating”:

No, we will not forget this:

But, wait. There’s more!

:et’s focus on this line: “But I do think societally we unowinlgy turned having Covid into some sort of judgment on your character.”

He did that. Not, “we.” He did it. And CNN:

Is it too much to ask that he acknowledges his role and that of his employer in all this?

It’s amazing:

Too bad he didn’t realize this “good thing” earlier: