NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted this meme out on Christmas Eve comparing COVID-19 to the common cold and flu adding in the caption, “Help me out folks” followed by the shrugging-shoulders emoji:


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Ooooh, boy. Imagine if Tucker Carlson or someone else at Fox News had said this? It would lead CNN for a week, at least:

It’s a real mystery why ESPN and other news outlets are avoiding it!

And with cities like DC and Chicago imposing vax mandates that will disproportionately impact the Black community, will James speak up about that since he thinks the current pandemic is like a cold or the flu?

Anyway, we’ll take it. It’s good that LeBron and other league owners, etc. are *finally* speaking out about it:

“You’re either team sanity or team insanity when it comes to neverending covid restrictions. I’m always happy to add new recruits to team sanity”: