Meanwhile, in New York City, essential workers who are vaccinated and test positive for COVID-19 can return to work after only 5 days of isolation and not 10 which is what the CDC has been recommending for well over a year now if they’re asymptomatic for 72 hours:

This is not just for doctors, nurses and first responders but also for people working in “nursing homes, restaurants, grocery stores,” etc.:

But, as Karol Markowicz notes, “When your COVID-19 guidance can be adjusted without any science changing, your COVID-19 guidance is completely worthless”:

And Bethany Mandel pointed out the absurdity of it all, tweeting “You’re not contagious anymore five days earlier if you work in certain industries. Makes absolute and total sense”:

Kids and teachers are still not deemed essential and will have to isolate under the old guidelines:

No wonder NYC moms are angry:



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