Ahead of President Joe Biden’s speech today on the ongoing surge of COVID-19 infections, the White House released a fact sheet of new measures to “Protect Americans and Help Communities and Hospitals Battle Omicron” that includes free at-home tests, FEMA-run vaccination sites and deploying military members to hospitals:

The 500 million free at-home rapid tests is probably the biggest news here as this was something the White House argued wasn’t necessary in early December:

Flashback: Remember when press secretary Jen Psaki got snarky when a journo asked why the government didn’t just mail tests to everyone? We do:

The old Biden plan was to make the tests free, but Americans had to then get reimbursed by the insurance companies after buying them at a pharmacy:

And it was inevitable this was going to happen anyway, so why the huge delay?

We should have had these tests months ago, but, alas. Biden failed us:



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