It’s come to this.

President Joe Biden has enlisted the help of the Jonas Brothers to help sell the COVID-19 vaccine:

Oh, but it’s worse than that. The White House video borrowed the “Joe Byron” TikTok trend that went viral earlier this year. From The Hill:

The video from the Jonas Brothers is their take on a TikTok trend that went viral earlier this year, using audio from a Sidetalk NYC video in which a New York man referred to the 46th president as “Joe Byron.”

Watch for yourself:

Honest question here: Is the White House even aware of the demos of the unvaccinated they’re trying to reach? Because this ain’t it:

Even libs aren’t happy with it:

And David Hogg was particularly angry over it, noting that his friends have to start paying back their student loans and that the admin. has done nothing on gun violence:

But, hey, it went viral. Or something:

And they’re bragging about it: