Earlier this morning, we told you how CNN’s Brian Stelter said the media needs to do a better job calling out testing problems across the country. ICYMI, here it is again:

Personally, for what little it’s worth, my view aligns with Reason mag senior editor Robby Soave: “Basically everyone is going to get covid eventually,” he wrote, “and when you get it, you’re either going to be vaccinated, or you’re going to wish you were vaccinated.” Coming down with Covid in December 2021 means something different than it did in December 2020. So news coverage must convey that and explain why. And the coverage must continue to highlight testing problems. Access to vaccines was a big story; access to testing should be, as well… 

And then we saw this tweet from NYC council-member elect Crystal Hudson begging Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Kathy Hochul to “please get it together” and fix the “testing problems” right there in Brian’s backyard:

In case the media is curious, go and check it out!

Now, for comparison purposes, this editor was tested for Covid on Monday in Miami. Here’s how that went:

Maybe Gov. Ron DeSantis can give them some pointers on how to do things?

And, yes, New York *did* blow it: