Andy Slavitt, former Biden White House Senior Advisor for the COVID Response and the past head of Medicare/Medicaid for Barack Obama, put his Harvard MBA to good use today and explained how vaccines and natural immunity to Dr. Roger Marshall, the Republican U.S. Senator in Kansas:

What would a medical doctor know about vaccines or natural immunity anyway?

Narrator: Dr. Marshall is right, by the way:

Good. More Republicans should acknowledge this:

Slavitt didn’t get around to mentioning Dr. Marshall’s credentials until the 5th tweet in his thread:

And then he goes into all the reasons why Dr. Marshall is correct in asking for the White House to acknowledge that natural immunity does go a long way to providing protection from severe Covid infections:

But. . .

The CDC says vaccinated people can still spread it. That’s why they want us to wear masks:

And Dr. Marshall isn’t even saying *no* vaccine requirements. He’s saying that if there’s a vaccine requirement, a prior infection should be treated like a vaccination in an uninfected person. This isn’t nearly as awful as he thinks it is:

We regret to inform Mr. Slavitt that it’s not just Republican Senators pointing out the science behind natural immunity. Here’s epidemiologist Michale Mina:

And he’s begging people just to focus on the science and let the chips fall where they may:

More from Slavitt here, ending with a claim that Dr. Marshall’s pro-science position is actually “anti-science propaganda”:


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