White House press secretary Jen Psaki is under fire for the glib answer she gave to NPR’s Mara Liasson after she dared to ask why the Biden administration was putting in place such a complex system to reimburse the insured for the cost of their at-home tests instead of just making the tests available for free around the country.

“Should we just send one to every American,” Psaki “somewhat mockingly” asked:

Um, “yes”?

“I can’t believe this isn’t an SNL spoof of the last two years of my life,” tweeted wpidemiologist Michael Mina:

Brown University professor Emily Oster, who’ve we’ve quoted before here at Twitchy, said she’s “appalled by this answer”:

The distribution model Liasson suggested in her question already exists in the UK, for example:

And imagine if a Trump White House official took this tone with journos? OOOH BOY:

Yes, there *is* a story here:

“Do better,” Jen:

And it’s not clear she even knows this is exactly what the NIH is already looking at doing:

The FDA is also to blame here, too:

But, again, Psaki *praised* the FDA in this dopey answer:

We expect there will be come attempt at cleanup today.