The BBC’s Tara McKelvey is reporting that President Joe Biden is out for dinner right now and not wearing his mask inside the restaurant:

We trust that he’s not masking up between bites:

Nope, not at all:

“All theater. 100% of it”:

DC Mayor Muriel Bowers literally tweeted earlier today that people should mask up indoors:

Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal and just the usual hypocrisy, but the president admitted he was sick this morning and the guidance is to stay home if you’re sick because the symptoms of a cold and Covid are the same:

According to the CDC, anyone the president infects tonight will have symptoms similar to Covid and should stay home until cleared:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged this question earlier:

What’s even crazier is McKelvey is getting attacked over tweeting a pool report:


But, you see, the journos have to wear masks while talking inside the White House but Jen Psaki does not and the president doesn’t have to wear one while at dinner but he does when he’s outside:

It’s science!

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