Politico reported on Wednesday that Dr. Anthon Fauci is refusing to appear on Fox News:

“Shows across the channel including w/ Bret Baier and Neil Cavuto, have been trying to book Fauci for months but he’s been turning them down”:

The other thing going on here is Fauci is a really bad messenger, as evidenced at the briefing yesterday, and we expect he doesn’t want to answer even lightly-confrontational questions from Baier or Cavuto:

What a baby. Think about all the instances where team Biden has accused Fox News of spreading Covid or vaccine misinformation, but Fauci won’t go on the network and fight back?

And Fox News *is* the most-watched cable news channel in the U.S.:

Well, “limited effectiveness” is better than no effectiveness, right?

According to Politico, Fauci soured on Fox News after his spat with Sen. Rand Paul:

Welp. Maybe Fauci won’t come on Fox News because he knows Sen. Paul was right:



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