Fox New’s Bill Melugin is reporting that a number of employees in Los Angeles County are furious that the company hired by the county for mandatory COVID-19 testing and the registration of employee vaccination status, Fulgent Genetics, has ties to China that allegedly necessitated an FBI briefing:

This is . . . not good:

At issue is this disclaimer on the company’s website that says personal data and information may be processed and/or stored in locations outside of the U.S.:

The County Board of Supervisors awarded the no-bid contract to Fulgent earlier this year:

According to Melugin’s reporting, employees face disciplinary action if they don’t register with Fulgent:

What could go wrong?

An FBI spokesman would not comment on the Sheriff’s Department letter:

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger claims the data isn’t be stored outside of the U.S., but she does not address the original claim by the Sheriff’s Department that they were warned by the FBI over this company’s practices:

We’ll keep you posted.