It’s not just Chris Cuomo who looks awful thanks to the document dump of text messages and emails related to the investigation of his brother.

Lis Smith, a former comms adviser to then-presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, has some explaining to do. . .

Here she is admitting to threatening to mock a reporter on Twitter over his story on Gov. Cuomo:

Even worse? She called Christine Blasey Ford “looney tunes and the height of Me Too overreach”:

And here Smith outs NBC’s Katy Tur as a complete and total hack.

“Katy is saying my spin live. Like verbatim”:

Smith also asked (maybe it’s a joke?), “Can you just fire every woman” going to the governor’s mansion:

Well, when you have to defend the indefensible, what do you expect?

Andrew Cuomo: The gift that keeps on giving!