Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau is pointing to this report from Third Way which hosted a focus group of “Richmond Biden voters to understand why they swung to Youngkin or seriously considered doing so.”

“Everyone who participates in Democratic politics should take a few minutes to read this analysis of a Biden-Youngkin focus group from northern Virginia and Richmond,” he tweeted:

And, oooh boy, we do suggest reading it as it absolutely torpedos Randi Weingarten and her union cronies for conspiring with Dems for keeping the schools closed:

From the report:

This isn’t about “critical race theory” itself, and we shouldn’t dismiss that CRT isn’t real and think we’ve tackled the issue. Many swing voters knew, when pushed by more-liberal members of the group, that CRT wasn’t taught in Virginia schools. But at the same time, they felt like racial and social justice issues were overtaking math, history, and other things. They absolutely want their kids to hear the good and the bad of American history, at the same time they are worried that racial and cultural issues are taking over the state’s curricula. We should expect this backlash to continue, especially as it plays into another way where parents and communities feel like they are losing control over their schools in addition to the basics of even being able to decide if they’re open or not.

Oof. Weingarten had been dismissive of this risk:

They. Were. Warned:

Is it really strange to these people that shutting down the economy and preventing people from earning a living would poll badly?

The focus group report also dinged Dems for not talking about the economy:

Keep in mind, this is “Biden’s preferred polling firm” warning that “if our most-effective message in 2022 is that Republicans – Trump, we’re going to get creamed”:

Someone might want to tell The Lincoln Project this:

Trying to graft Trump onto Youngkin fell flat with these voters. They describe Youngkin positively as calm, well-spoken, and projecting warmness, while directly contrasting him with Trump. In fact, their descriptions of Youngkin better mirror how they talked about Biden as bringing dignity and civility back to politics. Moreover, they saw Youngkin’s campaign as being positive and forwardlooking, specifically citing his pledge to raise education standards and to cut grocery taxes, while from McAuliffe’s campaign they only remembered negative campaigning and bringing up Trump.

Favreau went on to beg fellow Dems not to dismiss or caricature “these kinds of voters”:

He does seem to get it: