As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, Michigan “remains worst in the U.S. for new COVID cases, as 17,008 new COVID-19 cases, 83 deaths reported over 3 days”:

The AP has an article up on how states in the Upper Midwest are dealing with the spike, but for some odd reason they failed to name Michigan’s Dem governor, Gretchen Whitmer, in the article:

But they did mention Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:

And before any libs reading this post say the spike is because of Trump supporters who aren’t vaccinated, it’s not only because of Trump supporters who aren’t vaccinated. From the AP:

In Detroit, where only 35% of eligible residents were fully vaccinated, the school district said it would switch to online learning on Fridays in December because of rising COVID-19 cases, a need to clean buildings and a timeout for “mental health relief.” One high school has changed to all online learning until Nov. 29.

At another high school, some students and teachers briefly walked out Wednesday, saying classes still were too large for a pandemic and the school needed a scrubbing.

Detroit health officer Denise Fair Razo said new cases have skyrocketed in the city in the last 14 days to 3,858, compared to 2,322 in the previous two-week period.

This is a similar spike to what we saw in Florida, but instead of preparing for it, libs and the media focused on blaming DeSantis. This didn’t have to happen:

And they *still* want to make every story about DeSantis.


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