John Huber, the father of Anthony Huber, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid last night that his son “was a good kid ” who “wouldn’t hurt anybody” and he just “loved to skateboard,” which really doesn’t explain why he was in Kenosha during the riot that night or why he was hitting Kyle Rittenhouse over the head with a skateboard, but oh well. Maybe in Joy’s next interview, she’ll get to that:

The jury, it appears, did not believe the prosecution’s claim that Huber was the hero in all this:


But, alas, they are playing the “hero” card. Huber’s father went on to say, “we’ve been raped by half of the country that supported” Rittenhouse:

Huber’s father has also turned on Donald Trump, whom he’d supported previously, over the former president’s comments on the case:

Um, did he miss literally everything Donald Trump has said in the past about situations like this?



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