The latest polling from Quinnipiac is awful news for President Joe Biden where his approval rating now stands at 36%:

Maybe there is no floor?

Note: This poll was taken *after* the infrastructure bill passed:

Biden can’t even get a majority of voters who think he’s honest:

But what’s worse for Dems is that the poll also found that the party has moved too far left:

And, yes, it’s the economy. Biden — if he runs — can still recover before 2024. But this is the Dem nightmare scenario ahead of 2022:

Biden is underwater when it comes to Covid, again, a 2022 concern:

Quinnipiac found that Dems would lose big if the 2022 elections were held today:

The generic poll finds Dems trailing in both the House and Senate:

But the one bright spot for Dems is the poll found that voters aren’t happy with how the GOP is acting in Congress right now:


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