Joy Reid is under fire from conservative blue-checks over this TikTok video she posted to the “ReidOut” channel comparing Kyle Rittenhouse to Brett Kavanaugh as well as a diatribe on “white male tears” that somehow also includes white Karens who cry when caught doing something Karen-y. Or something. Have a watch:

@reidout Joy Reid breaks down just one key aspect of the #kylerittenenhouse trial. Read more at:! #news #msnbc #politics #kenosha ♬ Mysterious sound (suspense)(173713) – JIINO

Yes, this does sound racist of her. Over to you, NBC and MSNBC:

Eventually, they’ll have “Missing White Male Tears Syndrome” which is about conservative men who refuse to show a proper level of emotion on whatever issue she’s going on about:

Or maybe TikTok was hacked, too?

And she has her facts wrong about Kavanaugh:

Again, over to you NBC and MSNBC:

She should never have gotten the show after her BS hacking claims, but we all know this:

And national journalists should speak out:


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