President Joe Biden has reportedly selected former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to oversee infrastructure spending:

That’s right. Biden just picked a guy to oversee infrastructure spending in all of America from a city whose power grid just failed during Ida:

John Stanton, New Orleans resident and editor of The Gambit, tweeted back in 2018 “Wtf is the fascination amongst national democrats with Mitch landrieu about? Are they really into s**** roads, not having drinking water, random flooding and free for all murdering?”

Apparently so!

America, meet your new infrastructure czar:

We’re doomed:

If you recall, President Barack Obama tapped Biden to oversee the 2009 stimulus:

Biden likes to claim Obama nicknamed him, “Sheriff Joe”:

So, it’s kind of embarrassing for Vice President Kamala Harris that she wasn’t given such a high-profile assignment:

And the NYT’s Jonathan Martin reports that he’s already hearing 2024 talk for Landrieu:

This is amazing. It appears the dam has burst and now it’s open season to say what everyone has been thinking since inauguration day (and before):



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