The website Blue Virginia published photos from Glenn Youngkin’s high school yearbook that they claim show the governor-elect participating in a racist prom dubbed, “An Oriental Occasion”:

From Blue Virginia:

A recently-obtained copy of Glenn Youngkin’s prep school yearbook (Norfolk Academy, 1985) shows that his senior prom, entitled “An Oriental Occasion,” featured white students offensively dressed in “rice hats,” sandals and geisha robes serving their tuxedoed, all-white peers. Youngkin is pictured right next to these racist stereotypes.

Except, Youngkin is dressed in a tuxedo in the photo they’ve included and not in anything remotely offensive:

That’s Youngkin on the top right according to the caption:

Blue Virginia went on to accuse the McAuliffe campaign of “political malpractice” for not using the photo in the campaign:

McAuliffe’s and his campaign’s political malpractice has put a mealy-mouthed hack in the national conversation and jeopardized what so many people have worked so hard for. Youngkin is an amateur who has not been vetted. Since Democratic researchers chose not to do their jobs, what else is out there?

We’re just spitballing here, but maybe the reason the McAuliffe campaign didn’t use the photo was that their own candidate called Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook photo FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL AND NOT HIGH SCHOOL (we still don’t know if Northam was under the hood or in blackface, by the way) was just a “dumb mistake 40 years ago”:

But nice try, libs.



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