Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out an inconvenient truth regarding President Joe Biden’s OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate that has to do with simple arithmetic: “If Biden’s OSHA workplace mandate covers 100 million people and 30% opt for weekly testing, that’s 30 million additional test kits per week. Test kits are already occasionally unavailable in stores. Imagine the shortages that would result from the mandate if it’s not invalidated”:

It was pretty clear from the beginning that this was going to be a problem, too:

Maybe all the tests are on all those ships anchored off California?

There’s also the constitutionality of the mandate to consider, of course:

Massie also retweeted this video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointing out that the need for boosters makes the vaccine mandate an ongoing issue:

Massie also pointed out OSHA’s face covering mandate is also not based on science, at least according to what OSHA requires for masks and tuberculosis when compared to COVID-19:

Read it for yourself:


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