Got him!

RedState managing editor Jennifer Van Laar solved the mystery of California’s missing Gov. Gavin Newsom after spotting him in photos published by Vogue magazine of the luxurious wedding of heiress and model Ivy Love Getty in San Francisco:

So, how did local media miss this?

The wedding, officiated by Nancy Pelosi, really does make Newsom’s trip to French Laundry “look like a rundown diner”:

You can see all the photos here:

So, why the secrecy, Gavin?

And we’ll note the Gettys made their fortune in oil which makes his skipping of the COP26 conference even better:

Although we’re already seeing some spin from Newsom’s allies in the media that the two events didn’t overlap so he technically didn’t skip the global warming conference to be with the oil heiress:


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo.