The New York Times reported Friday afternoon that the FBI, as part of an investigation led by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, raided a number of apartments associated with journos from Project Veritas in relation to a diary allegedly stolen from Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, in 2020:

According to the Times, *Bill Barr* opened the investigation right before the 2020 election:

Project Veritas confirmed certain elements of the story but added they turned the diary over to law enforcement at the time and did not publish any details from it:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released a lengthy video statement attacking the investigation and questioning how the New York Times found out so quickly about the raids:

It’s a good question:

Now, here’s the crazy part. Did you even know about the diary at the time? It wasn’t a big story at all. Parts of it were published, however, and this now seems to authenticate those stories from 2020:

Until it’s officially confirmed, we won’t get into what was reported back in 2020, but, whoa, if true. Really. It could get bad fast for Joe Biden.