NBC News reported on Friday that a spokesman for the Nantucket Police Department is disputing a key fact in Business Insider’s article accusing Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy of inappropriate sexual activity with three women.

From NBC News:

Nantucket Police spokesman Lt. Angus MacVicar told NBC News on Friday the department had not received a phone call as described in the Insider article and he had not spoken to Black. MacVicar also added that the department was not currently investigating Portnoy.

Business Insider, however, says they did contact the department as part of their investigation and reviewed a complaint:

Insider responded to MacVicar’s statement by saying it had seen a police report with an incident number and spoken with the department in the course of its reporting.

And here’s Portnoy’s reaction:

So, which is it?

Portnoy added that BI had “8 months” to get the story correct:

This wrinkle comes at a time when BI is reportedly preparing another story on Portnoy and is in the process of alerting Barstool’s advertisers:

We’ll keep you posted.


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