AFT union president Randi Weingarten posted a long thread last night trying to explain why “we lost” in Virginia, which is funny because she runs a union representing teachers from a variety of backgrounds and is not a candidate for office but whatever:

We won’t bore you with the whole thing, but she’s not putting any of the blame on her conduct as you might expect:

And she wants everyone to believe that she really, really wanted schools to open back when the pandemic started:

She wanted schools open so badly she criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for opening schools safely:

Anyway, why can’t she just admit that *she* was the problem?

It’s time for her to go:

But, until that happens, we thank her for helping get a Republican elected in Virginia! Onward!

Until Dems admit this, they will have problems:

Narrator: They won’t admit it:



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