We regret to inform you that disgraced ex-CBS newsman Dan Rather is at it again, this time channeling Yoda from “Star Wars” in a Substack post sharing his thoughts on the “Let’s go, Brandon!” chants sweeping America:

So, the grandfather of fake news doesn’t like our response to one of HIS colleagues attempting to hide disdain for the president? Good to know his ethics are still right where he left them:

Rather also refused to explain *why* this is going viral in the first place:

“For reasons too mundane to fully outline here, ‘Let’s go Brandon’ has become a favorite chant and rallying cry for many Republicans as a stand-in for another three-word chant that you may also have hear: ‘F- Joe Biden,’ with F-, for the purposes of decorum in this newsletter, standing for a four-letter vulgarity.”

The “mundane” reason is *his* entire industry:

And in Yoda-speak, which he seems to enjoy now:

Somehow chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” about the elderly white man is due to bigotry and misogyny, which we’ll need som clarification on:

If Rather really wanted to help, he should just retire and no longer comment on politics:



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