President Joe Biden was on hand in Arlington, VA last night to help Terry McAuliffe’s struggling campaign with just a week to go until the election:

And Fox News’ Tucker Carlson poked some fun at our elderly and at-risk president for not following proper COVID-19 safety precautions at the potential “superspreader” event.


“We can’t get over those pictures we just showed you, those live pictures, of Joe Biden breathing on strangers. Coughing up phlegm and smearing it on people with his hands. That’s the real hacking scandal. It wasn’t the Russians. It was Joe Biden’s lungs. Repulsive. Will the White House respond tomorrow? We hope so.”

But that’s actually not the dumbest moment from the event. The McAuliffe campaign was handing out books because, you know, Glenn Youngin wants to ban them:

Good luck with this tactic:

The “book banning” claim is a lie:

And even the Washington Post called out:

The latest polls have the race about tied, but Youngin is “surging with independents”: