Here’s the latest on the Alec Baldwin shooting that left one crew member dead and another injured during the production of the film, “Rust,”  at a ranch in New Mexico last week. . .

TMZ is reporting that real bullets were stored next to blanks on the set and that cast members used the guns from the film for target practice in their downtime:

Gun expert Stephen Gutowski adds, “If this is true, the amount of negligence is astounding”:

This would explain how real ammunition was on the set but it actually makes their failures even worse:

There is particular outrage targeting Dave Halls, the first assistant director on the film, who allegedly handled the gun given to Baldwin and whose job is to basically oversee everything going on with the day-to-day operations on the set:

It was Halls who allegedly shouted, “Cold gun!” before handing the weapon to Baldwin:

There are also media reports that Halls was criticized on other films for ignoring crew safety:

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 24-year-armorer, is also coming under scrutiny. The Daily Mail reported that she gave a child a gun on the set of a previous film without checking it first:

And in this morning’s Los Angeles Times, “Rust” crewmember Serge Svetnoy, who reportedly held Huchens as she died, went public and ripped into the producers of the film — meaning, Alec Baldwin — for being too cheap to hire an experienced armorer:

To be clear, “Rust” was Baldwin’s project from its inception and he planned to enter the film in Cannes:

As for safety procedures on the set, actor Robert Davi posted this short video explaining that the actor should check the gun after it is handed to him or her to confirm that it is either loaded or unloaded. Meaning, Alec Baldwin should have done this rather than just rely on Halls:

Actor Adam Baldwin called it negligence, especially since Baldwin was in rehearsal and was pointing the gun at crew at the time:

Actor Nick Searcy questioned why the “trigger would be pulled under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES during rehearsal”:

It does appear that the wagons are being circled to protect Baldwin: