Remember this story we told you about from last summer where Black Lives Matter protesters in Madison, Wisc. attacked openly gay Dem State Senator Tim Carpenter?

Carpenter had stopped to film the protest which is what earned him the beatdown, because that’s how BLM rolls:

But a jury just found one of the people who allegedly attacked him in the video not guilty:

And, to be honest, it’s the correct verdict as Carpenter testified under oath that he didn’t believe the defendant hit him. From the NYT:

Mx. O’Reilly and a co-defendant, Samantha Hamer, said in court that they were only trying to get Senator Carpenter to stop recording the protests, The Associated Press reported. Senator Carpenter testified that he didn’t believe Mx. O’Reilly had hit him after others approached him, but that he was knocked off balance by Mx. O’Reilly, The A.P. reported.

Ms. Hamer entered a no-contest plea in September to a disorderly conduct civil law violation, which is not a criminal charge, Ms. Nicolson Goetz said.

Carpenter told the press last year that the beating slowed down after he informed the mob that he was gay and on their side, but it didn’t end the assault:

Well, that was nice of them to not assault him quite as hard as they would’ve if he was Republican. What more can libs ask for, really?