Climate change, is there nothing it can’t do?

Up next, rising turkey prices!

“Unbelievable,” yet totally expected:

Sure, feed is more expensive and labor costs are more expensive and the cost to transport the turkeys around the country is more expensive and we’re still in a pandemic so more people have been eating at home more thus increasing demand, but, sure, add climate change to the list:

We can’t wait for some Dem to say we need to spend trillions on the Green New Deal to help avert a future turkey crisis:

As for the fear porn, Consumer Reports says there is no turkey shortage this year:

And this is because the vast majority of us will eat a frozen bird and there are plenty of those to go around:

While the production of fresh turkeys is expected to be down 1.4 percent compared with November 2020, a spokesperson from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) says that calling this a turkey shortage is an overstatement. You might have a harder time finding a fresh turkey smaller than 16 pounds because demand is up due to smaller holiday gatherings. (These little ones sold out first last year.) But frozen turkeys in all sizes will be in abundance.