Who knows how AG Marc Brnovich’s investigation is going into alleged irregularities of voting in Maricopa County, Arizona outlined in the Cyber Ninjas audit, but he does want you to watch this video of him wielding nunchucks because that’s totally a skill any successful AG needs to fight crime and election fraud. Have a watch:

He’s not only the AG but also the current frontrunner in the Republican primary to take on incumbent Dem U.S. Senator Mark Kelley in 2022:

The video of his impressive martial arts display, however, did not sit well with some of the state’s most pro-Trump, pro-lock-them-up supporters. Here’s state Senator Wendy Rogers:

And here’s the Trump-endorsed Kari Lake:

Trump, himself called out Brnovich before the video saying the investigation is in his hands now:

And even worse for Brnovich was this undercover video a few weeks back from Lauren Windsor where she recorded AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward saying her support of Brnovich in the upcoming primary was contingent on the results of his investigation.

Ward says, Brnovich “is leading right now but if he does nothing on this, I’m not going to support that. This is the most important thing of our time, this is the thing that saves our country — is ‘election integrity.’ So he better get on the ‘election integrity’ train”:

And there you have it.




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