The NYT’s David Leonhardt has a new piece out today that found “an unvaccinated child is at less risk of serious Covid illness than a vaccinated 70-year-old”:

This is a welcome report, but long overdue as DeSantis spox Christina Pushaw notes here:

As for how long we’ve known this, Leonhardt linked to this piece in The Atlantic that we also did a post on back in March. . .

. . .that argued it was safe to go ahead and plan summer vacations with unvaccinated children:

Oh well!

And here’s the date he speaks of that we already knew:

And the risk to kids without a serious medical condition “is so low as to be difficult to quantify”:


And if the Leonhardt thread wasn’t enough to cancel the panic once and for all, here’s Alasdair Munro, Clinical Research Fellow Paediatric of Infectious Diseases at the NIHR funded Clinical Research Facility based at University Hospital Southampton calling the Covid threat to children, “very ordinary”: