Many on social media and in the real world are outraged right now over a report that federal agents with the United States Department of Agriculture killed 8 wolf pups that were adopted as part of a science program at Timberline High School in Boise, Idaho:

From the AP:

BOISE, Idaho — Conservation groups in Idaho are speaking out against the “inhumane” killings of eight wolf pups in the wild that were part of a Boise high school’s adopted wolf pack.

Following the killings, representatives from several Idaho groups in August sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack asking that he “immediately suspend the killing of wolf pups on all public lands by the USDA’s federal agents.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture responded last week by saying the agency works to find “practical, humane, effective and environmentally safe solutions to wildlife problems or conflicts,” but lethal measures can be necessary.

AND the school, whose mascot is a wolf, had been tracking the pack since 2003:

Timberline High — home of the Wolves — adopted the wolf pack in 2003 and had been tracking it since.

Liao is a member of the TREE Club at Timberline, an environmental club advocating to save the Timberline pack. The group has created “Save our T-Pack” pages on social media, where members have spoken out against the killing of the school’s pack members.
“They are justifying killing these wolf pups as a form of humane management even though these wolf pups pose no danger,” Liao told the Statesman. “It’s a very dangerous message for the federal government to support the killing of pups that can’t defend themselves.”

The “Let’s go, Brandon!” presidency is literally killing wolf pups now?

Many are calling for the Biden administration to relist wolves on the endangered species list:

But, so far, the Biden administration has *defended* the actions of the USDA agents:

What’s even worse is that the Biden administration actually agrees with relisting the animals as endangered: