Just to update you on this story from earlier, we still don’t have a definitive answer on what’s going on with Southwest Airlines and their 1000+ canceled flights:

But, as we told you earlier, there is widespread speculation that this is a protest of a vaccine mandate recently announced by the company:

Rep. Chip Roy tweeted that he hopes it is a protest against vaccine mandates and “let others start following”:

Southwest, however, is sticking with its earlier claim that it’s related to Air Traffic Control issues and weather:

The FAA disagrees:

Roy also wants Southwest’s employees to know that he’s “100% behind them”:

And he even suggested Southwest and other airlines should pay back their bailout funds over the mandates:

“Eat it, @SouthestAir”:

FWIW, Sen. Ted Cruz is also following the story and he’s on the aviation subcommittee:



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