Four weeks ago, President Joe Biden announced a “work-around” COVID-19 vaccination mandate using OSHA which would implement it as some sort of workplace safety measure:

So, where is it? It’s been a month and they’re “still figuring out details”?

It’s almost as if this administration that is incompetent in Afghanistan and incompetent at the border is also incompetent when it comes to this:

The White House is still championing mandates, just not the one *they* proposed:

And the White House is taking a victory lap of sorts:

It does sound like Biden is pivoting from his federal mandate to ones implemented by companies individually:

As for the OSHA mandate, it’s still weeks away:

Or maybe they never intended for the OSHA mandate to get passed in the first place and all of this was just another one of their noble lies to get people vaccinated?

Some companies, however, are still waiting for the OSHA ruling:

And we eagerly await just how team Biden thinks OSHA is going to enforce this anyway as the numbers are just too large for the workforce they have:



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