Former federal judge J. Michael Luttig, and adviser to Mike Pence, took to Twitter to explain why the then Vice President “had no choice on January 6, 2021, but to accept and count the Electoral College votes as they had been cast and properly certified by the states”:

He is writing in response to reporting from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa and a memo sent to President Trump from John Eastman outlining a 6-step plan that had Pence refusing to count electors from alleged disputed states, thus sending the election to the House of Representatives which would have certified Trump as the winner:N

Memo here:

Luttig tweeted, “I believe(d) that Professor Eastman was incorrect at every turn of the analysis in his January 2 memorandum” and that “the Supreme Court would have decided each of these issues had they been presented to the Court, which they undoubtedly would have been had the VP proceeded as outlined in the January 2 memorandum.”