Matthew Walther, editor of the Catholic magazine The Lamp, has a new piece out in the New York Times on Norm Macdonald’s “quite Christian” comedy:

Except he appears to have missed the obvious sarcasm in this anecdote on O.J. Simpson from Macdonald’s appearance on David Spade’s Comedy Central show a few years back:

By the end of his life, Mr. Macdonald seemed to have abandoned even his well-known animus against O.J. Simpson. “All he’s guilty of to me,” he said on a Comedy Central program in 2019, was of being “the greatest rusher in the history of the N.F.L. Maybe I was the greatest rusher — to judgment.”

It is not hard to see in such gestures an expression of Mr. Macdonald’s faith and his attendant belief in the intrinsic metaphysical dignity of the human person.

Watch for yourself where it’s clear that Macdonald hadn’t changed his tune on Simpson but was instead making a joke on cancel culture:

This really could be “the most embarrassing thing anyone has ever written for the New York Times”:

So, no, this isn’t Macdonald’s — who was literally fired from SNL for making O.J. Simpson jokes — “attendant belief in the intrinsic metaphysical dignity of the human person”:

And there was this one from years later: