A video posted to Facebook by a mom in New York is going viral after it showed daycare workers attempting to get her child to wear a mask.

The mom, Ann Walker, writes that she’s not upset with the daycare “attempting to comply with the mandate” but with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for putting the mandate in place in the first place:

“This is my poor kid at daycare today so I can work. #breaksmyheart #governorhochulthiswontwork #whyarewepunishingbabies Point of clarification I’m not upset with his daycare they are attempting to comply with the mandate. I love where he is. I’m pissed out our governor and OCFS who think mandating two year old to wear a mask 7-10 hours a day is at all necessary. #unmaskourbabies.”

A copy of the video shared to Twitter also caught the attention of Sen. Ted Cruz who called it “political virtue signaling” and “really cruel to kids”:

Rep. Thomas Massie added, “How is this helping children?”:

It *is* wrong but, alas, here we are:

What makes it worse are all the Dems who’ve broken their own mask mandates:

And people will reach a breaking point eventually:

Or maybe not. This “s*it” from health experts seems to not be ending anytime soon and we’ll likely be done with the pandemic by the time this data is in: