Now that Gov. Gavin Newsom is mandating COVID-19 vaccines for certain individuals in California, comments he made back in 2019 that were interpreted to mean that he was against vaccine mandates have resurfaced.


At the time, there was a bill in the state senate to “establish state oversight of vaccine exemptions” that Newsom thought “could constitute government overreach.” From Fox News:

In mid-2019, California state lawmakers pushed legislation to tighten vaccine exemptions in response to a nationwide measles outbreak. Newsom twice moved to weaken Senate Bill 276, a hotly debated measure to establish state oversight of vaccine exemptions, citing a concern that it could constitute government overreach.

But Newsom told reporters back in 2019 that he had “concerns about a bureaucrat making a decision that is very personal”:

More from the Los Angeles Times which reported at the time that “Anti-vaccine activists are celebrating” his comments:

Newsom was pretty wishy-washy, however, and left “both sides to interpret what the governor’s comments mean”:

But one person who was sure about their meaning was Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tell us more about how it’s Tucker Carlson’s fault that we have people afraid to get vaccinated:

Newsom, apparently, has gotten over his fear of government overreach:

He even blamed “anti-vax extremists” for the recall earlier this year:

And now he’s running on the importance of vaccine mandates:

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