In response to the report that a military contractor dumped a large number of service dogs off at a shelter in Kabul instead of evacuating them — dogs that are now running around loose at the Kabul airport — Snopes writer Dan Evon is warning of “emotionally manipulative content” from people sharing puppy photos on the #nopawsleftbehind hashtag:

They even did a fact-check:

Although they left out the part where SPCA International said the dogs are not in the control of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue shelter:

And we would like Snopes to investigate who paid this defense contractor because if it was taxpayer money or for the benefit of U.S. troops, then it doesn’t matter if they were U.S. military dogs or not:

So, Snopes, you going to call out PETA over this? Because it not just right-wingers using the hashtag to bash the Biden admin:

Although there is a fair amount of that, too:

You can follow the #nopawsleftbehind campaign here.