Evacuations were ordered in the town of South Lake Tahoe on Monday as the massive Caldor Fire continues to threaten homes and property in the area:

It is being called “the worse [fire] in the area in 100 years”:

The fire has burned “more than 186,000 acres” so far:

And as of this morning, it’s only 15% contained:

The ski resort Sierra-at-Tahoe used their snow-making equipment to keep the firing from destroying the chair lifts and other infrastructure:

More coverage with maps so you can see exactly what’s burning and where:

The evacuation yesterday caused a massive traffic jam out of town:

But everyone reportedly kept “their cool” with “no honking or cursing”:

One resident played his violin for the stranded motorists:

Not everyone evacuated, however.

This local resident called the fire “inevitable” and he blamed “poor forest management’:

Stay safe, everyone: