Ida is now just a tropical depression but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

“Millions of people are under flood watches (dark green) from the Gulf Coast to New England, including cities like Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, D.C. and New York City”:

Projected rain totals:

“Some places could get a month’s worth of rain in a day with a forecast like this”:

This is good news for CNN’s Brain Stelter as he can now have something to actually report from his storm mobile after the Henri bust a few weeks ago:

As for New Orleans, the city is still without power and they have no idea when it will be back:

It could be weeks or longer:

Right now, there are over 1 million customers (which means many more people than that) are without power:

The levees held –good news — but the grid “failed spectacularly”:

And rescue teams are still surveying the damage:

School has been canceled as well:

Tulane University will evacuate the remaining students to Houston and then continue with classes online:



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