National Review’s Jim Geraghty has a new piece out titled, “Something Is Wrong with the President,” and oh boy is it a must-read:

Geraghty did a thread on the article for those that want the TL;DR version:

First up, only two calls with world leaders in the past 10 days:

“No public events on his schedule for today”:

And he’s “barely appearing in public”:

He contradicted himself multiple times in his interview with ABC News:


He either doesn’t remember what he said or he’s gaslighting us:

This is . . . really bad:

Now, there’s nothing wrong with pointing this out. Families all across America go through this every day with elderly relatives:

At some point, Dems need to start asking questions, and soon:

And the White House should move to clean this up, if they can:

Again, there’s nothing embarrassing or humiliating with having to face this:

Because it’s more than this:

In summary, “Something is wrong with President Biden, and we are all being asked to pretend to not notice”:


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